Oak Bay Mi Amigo

Born 2008-05-10
| Chestnut
| 33"
AMHA A188064 / AMHR 292061A
| ACAN D1-D2-D3-D4 N/N - Color tested: Silver N/Z
Oak Bay Mi Amigo is known all over the world by mini lovers. He is an Arabian horse in Miniature. When you are a mini fan and you can see Mi Amigo in real life, he is just a dream come true. He has been AMHA World Grand Champion Stallion at the World Championship Show. He already produced World Champion and World Grand Champion horses in the USA. In Europe one of his first offspring went AMHA European Grand Champion in 2016. He was the first Amigo offspring to win in Europe, but since then Amigo sired several Grand and Suprême Champions horses all over Europe.
Amigo is giving his neck and attitude to every foal, but he also passes on his friendliness towards people to his offspring.
He is sired by Multiple GRAND and SUPREME Champion and WORLD CHAMPION GET OF SIRE >> OAK BAY SALSAMIO <<.
Amigo is just a dream in every way. We are very, very proud to have Amigo in our stable.

Amigo is available for a few outside mares, please contact us.

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